In many cases, it takes more than an enthusiastic green thumb to keep a landscaped garden looking its best. Luckily, our reliable team are available to perform any number of garden maintenance services at your property, from pond and hedging services to seasonal packages, irrigation, lawn care and pruning.


We offer a free 30-minute onsite consultation for all garden maintenance, after which you will be provided with a personalised quote. This can include any or all of the below services, however every garden maintenance contract must include an initial clean up of your garden. This is an essential early step for our team, and ensures your garden is in good shape before we begin our ongoing maintenance.


We provide 3 packages:

  • Weekly Service

  • Fortnightly service

  • Every 4 Week Service


Whatever services you need, your garden is sure to thrive under the watchful eye of our landscaping team.  


·        Hedging services

·        Garden lighting

·        Pond servicing

·        Pressure washing services

·        Spring AND Autumn feeding packages

·        Lawn care AND management programs

·        Irrigation servicing and monitoring

·        Winter pruning

·        MulchinG

Service areas Victoria:


  • South Eastern Suburbs

  • Mornington peninsula

Talk to us about garden maintenance packages, or check out our landscape design and construction projects.

Manningtree Road, Hawthorn_low res-1.jpg


Do you want your garden to look good all the time. This is the service for you



Fortnightly Maintenance


If you want your garden to look good and then just as it starts to feel like it needs doing. We are there!



Redmond Street, Kew_low res-25.jpg


For the the garden that likes to keep nice but every 4 weeks.