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Garden Design
Inge Jabara


Let's turn your Ideas and Dreams into Reality!

DIY your own garden saving you $1000's

Inge DEsign Course

Understand Design

Feel Confident 

Save Money

Increase your understanding of design

Be more Confident with Plants

Save Money in the Long Run

Course Topics


Have you ever wondered How To Design your Space?

Do you want to learn how to select the best plants for your garden design?

You don't have the budget to engage a professional and want to DIY design your garden?

You have all these garden ideas and do not know how to execute?

You want to know how to select the outdoor materials but don't know where to start?

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My Course grants you a lifelong learning advantage. With unrestricted access, revisit purchased content at any time, stay updated, and evolve at your own pace. Your educational journey has no expiry, offering continuous growth in your chosen field. Experience the freedom of perpetual learning and mastery.

During the Course a date will be issued for a 1 hour online Q+A session with Inge Jabara. If you have any questions while in the learning program write them down for the Q+A session. 

If you miss the Q+A session don't worry! A copy will be put onto your portal for you to re-play in your own time. 

Free Bonus Material

Did we say Free-bee! Yes we did! Maximise your learning journey with bonus free content valued at over $1000! 

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How it all Started...

I've cherished a love for plants and gardens since my early years. From the tender age of five, you would often find me dedicatedly tending to my garden under the guidance of my grandfather.  I started my deisgn and construction company in 2009 with a lifelong dream to design and construct beautiful landscapes.




With an Associate Degree in Environmental Horticulture, my mind is teeming with ideas and innovations for crafting creative Australian landscapes. I've become a sought-after speaker and television consultant on the subject. As the Founder and Chief Designer of IJL, I lead a team of passionate and skilled individuals who all share my conviction that the process of creating your dream garden should be seamless.

Creating your Dream Garden Should be Seamless!

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Everyone should be able to Enjoy a Garden

Why Build an Online Course for you? Because I believe that everyone should be able to enjoy a garden, weather it be there own, a Park, Play ground or just walking down the street. Gardens and Plants are so important to our environment and our mental health. I believe that if you don't have the budget to hire a professional, that you still should be able to get the information you need to achieve something you are proud of in your garden no matter the size. 

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Lets do this! Lets get learning!

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