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1. What services do you offer as a landscape design and construction company?
We provide a comprehensive end-to-end service that guides our clients seamlessly from the initial design phase through construction and continues with the ongoing maintenance of your investment. While most clients go through our entire process we can also just provide services such as design or maintenance as an individual service. We also quote to construct Landscape designs that are not ours and are done by other firms please email these direct to Enquire today

2. How do I start the process of designing and building my landscape?

It all commences with an initial consultation led by Inge Jabara, marking the inception of the design process. Inge will craft a captivating garden design, followed by our team providing you with project pricing details. For a detailed overview of our step-by-step process, please visit the following link.

3. What is the typical timeline for a landscape construction project?

- The typical timeline for a landscape construction project with our company is relatively efficient and depends on the complexity of the project. We take pride in our quick turnaround time, facilitated by our professional and dedicated team, led by an experienced contract administrator and project manager.

For most construction projects, you can expect a completion window of 3 to 7 weeks. This timeframe allows us to meticulously plan and execute your landscape design while ensuring quality workmanship and attention to detail. 

However, it's worth noting that some smaller jobs with less complexity can be completed in as little as 1 week. Our goal is to provide you with a realistic timeline that aligns with your specific project's needs and complexity, ensuring that we deliver a beautiful and functional landscape within a timeframe that suits you.

Rest assured, we prioritise both efficiency and quality in our work, and we're committed to creating a stunning outdoor space that you can enjoy for years to come.


4. What factors influence the cost of a landscaping project?
Numerous factors can impact the pricing of landscaping projects. For instance, our standard landscaping package for a newly constructed home on a typical-sized lot (500m2 - 750m2) typically falls within the range of $90,000 to $120,000. This basic package encompasses features such as an exposed aggregate driveway, a paved front pathway, a straightforward rear paved or deck area, uncomplicated surface treatments for side walkways, garden bed and lawn definition using timber edging, real lawn installation, a basic planting package, irrigation setup, provision of garden soil, and mulching services.


Items that will take your project north of a basic package are as follows:

-Pool and or Spa

- Pool glass

- Front Fence and automatic gates

- Increased paving areas such as side walkways, pool zones, pergola areas, outdoor entertainment areas such as BBQ zones.

- Custom boundary fences, feature screens.

- Retaining walls (if your block is on a slope)

- Arbors and Pergolas

- Synthetic turf

- Garden Lighting

- Bulk excavation or site cut (if your block is on a slope)

- Site drainage

- Premium planting package 

5. Do you provide free estimates or consultations?
   - We provide Free estimates on any design work completed by Inge Jabara Landscapes

   - We provide Free estimates on design work completed by third parties. Your Landscape design must be assessed first please refer to FAQ 11 for further information on what information we require. 

   - We provide a Free consultation and quote on any Garden Maintenance work.
   - For an Initial Consultation with Inge Jabara to start the design project the fee is $350. If you proceed with a design package the consult fee will be deducted from your design fee. 


6. Can you work within my budget, and do you offer financing options?
   - Certainly, we have the flexibility to customize your landscape construction project to align with your budget. This customisation is based on an agreed-upon scope of work that is approved before the project commences.
- No we do not provide financing.


7. Are you licensed and insured?
   - Yes we are fully licensed and insured with Registered builders with the Victorian Building Authority licence number CDB-L 60803. We are also a member with Master Builders Victoria. Public liability Insurance up to 20 Million. 


8. Do I really need a Landscape Design to get a Quote? When I already know what I want?
   - Yes, Yes, Yes. You need a Landscape Design done by a professional for a number of reasons. Landscape builders need it

A landscape design is essential for several reasons:

Visualising Your Vision:

 A landscape design brings your ideas and vision for your outdoor space to life. It allows you to see how various elements will come together and ensure they align with your aesthetic preferences.

Effective Planning:

 It helps you plan the layout, placement of features, and functionality of your outdoor area. Proper planning prevents costly mistakes and ensures the efficient use of space.

Budget Control:

With a design in place, you can accurately estimate costs and prevent overspending. It allows you to prioritize elements based on your budget and make informed decisions.

Optimising Space:

 A well-designed landscape maximises the use of available space, ensuring that each area serves a purpose and flows seamlessly from one to another.

Aesthetic Appeal:

It enhances the overall beauty of your property. Professional designs take into account factors like color schemes, plant selections, and hardscape materials to create a visually appealing environment.


 A landscape design considers how you intend to use your outdoor space, whether for relaxation, entertainment, gardening, or other purposes. It ensures that the layout meets your practical needs.

Increase Property Value: 

A thoughtfully designed landscape can significantly increase the value of your property, making it more appealing to potential buyers if you ever decide to sell.

Environmental Considerations:

Designers can incorporate sustainable practices, such as water-efficient landscaping and native plantings, to minimize environmental impact.

In summary, a landscape design is a crucial step in creating an outdoor space that not only looks beautiful but also meets your practical needs, aligns with your budget, and enhances the value of your property. It serves as a roadmap for successful landscape construction and maintenance.


9. Can you provide references or examples of previous projects you've completed?
Google Reviews: We have a very high client satisfaction level and some have shared their experiences and feedback on our Google Reviews. 

Portfolio: Our extensive portfolio showcases a wide range of landscaping projects, each highlighting our commitment to creativity, quality, and attention to detail. You can explore our portfolio on our website [insert website link].

Instagram: For a visual journey through our projects, follow us on Instagram [@YourLandscapingCompany]. Our Instagram feed features captivating images and stories of our completed gardens, giving you a closer look at our work.


10. How do you handle ongoing maintenance for the landscapes you create?

After your landscape is completed our Project Manager will hand over with our Maintenance Division manager. All clients proceed to the maintenance service after construction will receive 6 month warranty on all plants installed, this means if any plants die within the first 6 months we will replace at no cost to you.  This is an essential early step for our team, and ensures your garden is in good shape for years to come.


We provide 3 packages:

  • Weekly Service

  • Fortnightly service

  • Every 4 Week Service

11. What to provide our office when seeking a quote for Design created by Third party?
-Landscape Plans including planting schedule and qantities

- Project time line
- Preferred completion date
- Budget for works
- Scope of works (if not completing full landscaping or if part of works are being completed by others)

Please email all plans with the above information to

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