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Lunaria Pods

Design By Inge Jabara

Construction by Inge Jabara Landscapes 

Looking at the Lunaria seed pod, I was inspired by its lovely shape as an individual pod but also as a branch of pods. The Translucently of them was also inspiring the thought of letting the light to where the seed is held reminds me of letting light into a home. It then inspired me to create this theatrical and futuristic show garden that from above carries the same branch-like shapes with pods at the end of each point. The word ‘Pod’ invokes a question: ‘What if we created a living space that was inspired from the living environment?”. ‘Lunaria Pods’ Was born. This futuristic green living space that has traditional elements such as Cooking, Dinning, Sitting and Reflection connected by pathways all while being nestled within a green woodland. You can imagine how this pod community would expand as it would be a continuation of the branch and pod structures to create a larger fabric of community. 

Our Story

Inge Jabara Landscapes is a multi award-winning landscaping company operating in Melbourne. We offer bespoke landscape design packages to suit every need.  Through our holistic approach our full range of landscape services includes design, construction and maintenance.

While our ideal project follows all elements from design, to construction and then maintenance, we are happy to offer each service individually to meet your personal landscaping needs.

Led by sought-after Horticulturalist and Landscape Designer Inge Jabara, our highly-skilled team of qualified and experienced landscape personnel will make your landscape project flourish.
Learn about our holistic approach to landscape design.

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