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Garden Design  
Inge Jabara


Small intro here.

Inge DEsign Course

Understand Design

Feel Confident 

Save Money

Increase your understanding of design

Be more Confident in Plants

Save Money in the Long Run

Have you ever wondered How To Design your Space?

You want to learn how do the professional select the best plants to design with?

You dont have the budget to engage a professional and want to DIY design your garden?

You have all these garden ideas and do not know how to exicute?

You want to know how to select the outdoor materials but don't know where to start?

No available programs

Garden Design Doesn't need to be so  Hard.   

Life Time Access 

Our Short Course grants you a lifelong learning advantage. With unrestricted access, revisit content, stay updated, and evolve at your own pace. Your educational journey has no expiry, offering continuous growth in your chosen field. Experience the freedom of perpetual learning and mastery.

Access to Inge

As a course community member, enjoy exclusive access to Inge Jabara's expertise. Benefit from direct insights, tips, and engagement with a renowned expert in the field. Elevate your learning experience with personalized guidance and join a community committed to your ongoing success in the design industry.

Free Bonus Material

Did we say Free-bee! Yes we did! Maximise your learning journey with bonus free content valued at over $1000! As a course member, enjoy exclusive tips and tricks directly from Inge Jabara. Elevate your skills with additional insights, honing your design expertise beyond the course curriculum. It's an extra layer of valuable knowledge to fuel your creative pursuits. Each Course has three bonus Lesson's.

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