Granum Florere

By Inge Jabara

Reflecting on the last 2 years of my life, working from home, not able to see the family and friends, life was hard for everyone. Now back to normal life, to entertain, see my family, hug a friend or go out to dinner.. Live again (Read More)

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Inge Jabara Landscapes is an award-winning landscaping company operating in Melbourne. We offer bespoke landscape design packages to suit every need.  Through our holistic approach our full range of landscape services includes design, construction and maintenance.

While our ideal project follows all elements from design, to construction and then maintenance, we are happy to offer each service individually to meet your personal landscaping needs.

Led by sought-after Horticulturalist and Landscape Designer Inge Jabara, our highly-skilled team of qualified and experienced landscape personnel will make your landscape project flourish.
Learn about our holistic approach to landscape design.

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Here is the List of Plants we Used, Simply

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Join our 2 hour Short Course with Inge Jabara. Welcome to Inges Only short course for 2022, If you are a garden lover or new the garden design world. This Course is for you!

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