Granum Florere
By Inge Jabara

Show Garden Breif:

"‘Granum Florere’ embodies what it has been like for me to be stuck at home and then moving back outside again and flourishing.”

Reflecting on the last 2 years of my life, working from home, not able to see the family and friends. Life was hard for everyone. Now back to normal life, to entertain, see my family, hug a friend or go out to dinner. Live again, it is the best thing ever. This year I wanted to create a display that represented my experience of this time and how I viewed the world around me.

Granum meaning = Grass 

Florere Meaning = Flourish 


Meaning behind the Show Garden:

The Chair at the back of the stand represents the home office. Anyone viewing can take this on as they want, it may mean the couch, the kitchen or the apartment.

The three square arbor structures is representative of door ways, windows or apartment windows people have had to sit behind for so long. These beautiful simple structures have LED lighting the entire way around them. This is a feature element that represents the time traveled over the last 2 years. There were 3 created to symbolise embarking on a third year.

The pebble pathway was designed to represent the many 1000's of people that all had to move in the same direction as each-other. Each having to do the same as one and other. These directions were at times confusing and frustrating hence why its not a straight line. 
The two chairs represent one person reconnecting with another.. a friend, family a neighbour a work college they haven’t seen face to face for so long.

 The Water Troughs  are a really important to the design. Very small bodies of water representing emotional rollercoaster of the last two years. Sadness and happiness. They are situated near the Boulders deliberately as the boulders represent the other emotions of the past two years, the anger and frustration. There is one boulder deliberately situated at the front (my future space), this draws on a personal emotion for me one that I still get today. Frustration, that even though we are moving forward into the future I cannot forget the past.

The front of the display was created to symbolise the outside world and being apart of it again because for me this is moving on and moving forward with life now and should therefore be at the front, the first thing you see.. “The Chair” is just a distant memory now…